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We have a Wide Range of HID Torches and Spot Lights which can be delivered World Wide

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Hunters need plenty of light, and the right solution no matter what the environment. We supply a wide variety of HID Torches which are delivered free of charge World wide. Whether you need a professional divers torch, a dedicated HID Torch, or a pistol grip style HID Spotlight, we have a range of products to suit your need

Are your HID Torches and Spotlights suitable for Marine or Mining Applications?

We have been working in the mining and marine industries for many years and can guarantee that some of our torches are IP68 water and Dust tight, and high vibratory resistant. This means that they are suitable for harsh environments such as the mining industry where in certain areas dust and water can be a problem. if you are a fisherman or diver and you want a solution for a high powered HID divers torch, check out the specifications for our marine grade torch and you will see that it is suitable for most applications.

Lights for Professional Roo Shooters and Farmers

If you look at our Gun Scope or Pistol Grip HID Torches and spotlights you should be able to find a product that is suitable, whether your a pro roo shooter, fox hunter, or just a farmer trying to keep the wildlife at bay, one of our torches or spot lights will get the job done. Maybe you need to carry a torch while your on a tractor checking the fields and you need to see great distances, then carry a pistol grip spottie to help see where your going. Guns might be dangerous but if you don't have a good light it can be even more dangerous.

We Offer a Free World Wide Delivery for All Our HID Torches and Spot Lights

It does not matter what part of the world you live in, we can get our torches and spotlights to you no matter where you are. Not only is the delivery free, but there is no limit to where you are to receive your new hid torch or hid spotlight. Australia, The USA, The UK, Europe, or Norway, we guarantee to light up your world wherever you may be.

Our HID Torches and HID Spotlights Are Guaranteed

With quality components and long warranties you will be assured that what your spending your hard earned money on will not be wasted, with over 10 years in the electrical and lighting industry we have the expertise and QC to make sure that what you are getting is not only value for money, but that your HID Torch is going to keep getting the job done, and that your hand held spotlight won't fall apart the first time you use it. We understand that if your on a mine site it's a long way to get spare parts for your HID Torch, or if your in the middle of the bush you don't want your spotlight suddenly failing. This is why we carefully select each product to try and eliminate any problems so that you have a great experience with one of our products.

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